Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Great book on Leadership

First of all, I have some great news about my book--hardcover and paperback copies are now available. You can order online or by calling Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Books-A-Million. The last time I checked, www.bn.com had the best price. If you want an e-book, visit www.friesenpress.com/bookstore. And if you're in the Waco area, please let me know if you'd like a signed copy of either the hardcover or the paperback.

I recently read a great book on leadership. In fact, after the Bible, it's one of the best I've read. I encourage you to read Lead . . . for God'Sake! by Todd Gongwer. I've spoken with Todd and he's a great guy. You can order from his site and he'll send you 1 or more copies: www.leadforgodsake.com.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 books to read

I just finished 2 books that were very eye-opening. In fact, they deliberately give a whole new meaning to the phrase "outside the box." If you're interested in being the best you can be, in personal accountability, and in learning how to be successful in your business, personal, and family interactions, then these books are for you: Leadership and Self Deception and The Anatomy of Peace are both quick reads. The key points are actually told in story form.

People at the Arbinger Institute wrote both books. I downloaded each of them to my Kindle for less than $5.00. Happy reading this summer!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Today's post will be short. For those of you like me who have several phone numbers, I've found a way to simplify. Google Voice allows you to pick a new number, and then you can have that number ring to any of your other numbers.

You can also receive text messages when someone leaves a voice message for you, and you can view the text message and listen to voice mail both on your phone and on your computer. The text messages are nice when you can look at your phone but can't make a call.

Also, when I log in to Google Voice and add a contact, that information automatically shows up on my cell phone. You can set it up so that unrecognized callers have to identify themselves before you answer; otherwise, their call goes to voice mail. There are many other features--you can Google "Google Voice" to find out more!

By the way, after about 4+ years of using a Palm Treo, I recently got a new Motorola Droid cell phone. It's very nice. The Google maps allow you to use the phone as a navigation system that will talk you through the turns you need to make to reach your destination. There are 1000's of other cool "apps."

If you'd like to know more about Google Voice or the Droid, send me an email or give me a call.

Until next time,

Monday, November 30, 2009

BU vs. Texas Tech, Nov. 28, 2009

Merry Christmas, Everyone! My 2 older children and I were privileged to attend the Baylor-Tech football game last weekend. It was played in the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, a very impressive structure! I took a few pictures with my early Christmas present: a new Motorola Droid phone. Let me know how you like the pictures.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Here are 2 photos taken at last month's Care Net banquet. Since our firm paid for a table, my daughter Ruth and I got to meet former Governor Mike Huckabee, and get our picture made with him.

Dr. and Mrs. Gary Williams also sat with us, and while I was tracking them down in the Ferrell Center (where the Baylor basketball teams play--Sic 'em Bears!), a Waco Tribune photographer snapped a photo of the 3 of us.

Gary has Today's Family Dental, and I can highly recommend him and his staff. They have been great for our family, handling our children's dental needs with "kid gloves." Gary's wife Sandra helps out at the office, and she also has a scrapbooking business. For those of you who are like I was with a mental image of a dusty scrapbook with pictures and clippings falling out, you need to see the cool digital stuff that Sandra does! It's also nice to have a dentist who prays for you!!

I loved how Care Net director Deborah McGregor inspired us to embrace her vision that within the next few years, abortions will not be needed in our area. Please pray with me that this will be accomplished soon.

Anyway, Gov. Huckabee did a great job. Even though I may not agree with all his positions, he is head and shoulders above almost all other candidates, in terms of his civility, not to mention the fact that he is very articulate. I respect him for those two reasons and many more. I hope I get to play some music with him sometime. For those of you who may not know, he has a weekly TV show on Fox TV, Saturdays at 7 p.m. Central. Again, I respect him because he's not afraid to have guests with differing opinions from his, and he expresses his opinions with civility.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Great feedback from a TWOM reader

A reader wrote the following to me today:


Thought I’d write my thoughts on Day 25 of your book, particularly the Action Points section.

Your comments about Jesus being comfortable and able to minister to/feel comfortable with people in any socio-economic class are so true. And this is where I struggle so much. During our ‘missionary days’, I had a definite problem with prejudice/bad attitudes toward wealthy people, even though many of them were our main financial supporters. I also had a bad attitude toward some of our co-missionaries that were better funded than we were.

That’s all behind me now, but I’m in a different situation now. I feel as if I am between (wealthier customers), for whom I manage their property, and our small staff , who are definitely on the opposite world of income and lifestyle. While our more direct contact is with our staff and our ("average" customers), we are in contact with the more wealthy (customers) too. . . .

The extreme differences in these two classes of people makes me wonder and try and understand more thoroughly how Jesus did that so effectively, and how I can be better at relating to both classes of people. To top it off, we do live in a nice place. . . and by all appearances we fall into the more wealthy category, particularly in this area of the U.S. where unemployment is high and average income is low."

Here was my reply to the reader:

Those are 2 great examples that you've personally experienced. I'm sure there are many more reasons than we'll ever know (this side of heaven) as to why/how Jesus was able to do that, but to me, 1 thing stands out: Jesus looked at people's hearts. We, on the other hand, typically look at their outward appearances and their "stuff."

In 1 Samuel 16:7, we find that even Samuel the great prophet (who heard God's voice audibly!) made that mistake when he was finding Israel's 2nd king. One thing I try to pray often is to see people as God sees them ("Open the eyes of my heart, Lord.") I want to see Him, but I also want to have the discernment from Him that will minister to whomever he brings across my path.

And as I say in the book, ministry is defined as "bringing someone closer to where they need to be, which is closer to God." I can't tell you how many wealthy people I've prayed with about their problems, which demonstrates that their needs to be closer to God are just as great as the needs of poor and middle class people. Besides, if money solved everything, there wouldn't be any messed-up people in Hollywood or Wall Street, would there?


Thanks to all of you for your support, and "keep those cards and letters comin'."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Here's one of many great articles from one of my mentors, Patrice Tsague.

I highly recommend Patrice's information. Visit www.nehemiahproject.org to sign up for weekly emails like this, or to take a course on Biblical Entrepreneurship (which I recommend even for employees who think they will never start their own business).

"...Yet who knows whether or not you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?"~Esther 4:14b

Throughout biblical history, whenever nations or God's people faced a crisis, God always had someone prepared to respond to the crisis. In this week's devotional, I will discuss three biblical examples that may encourage and motivate you in the situation and circumstances where you find yourself today.

In 475 B.C. in Persia during the reign of King Xerxes, God's people faced possible extermination, but God had placed Esther in a unique position to save her people. Through the sovereign plan of God, what looked like a terrible thing-she was taken by force from her family and forced to marry the king-ended up being God's plan to have her in position to fulfill his purpose (Esther 8).

In 445 B.C. the returned exiles in Jerusalem were facing deplorable conditions: the walls of the city were down; the gates were burned with fire; there was no protection for the people of God. But God had positioned Nehemiah, a cup bearer, as a servant of the king. He was able to draw upon his favor with the king to rally resources to rebuild the walls of the city of Jerusalem. As lonely and difficult as it may have been for Nehemiah to work for the nation that had taken his people captive, God placed him in this position so Nehemiah could fulfill God's purposes at the appropriate time (Nehemiah 6:15-16).

In Genesis 41 we learn about another period when Egypt, one of the most prosperous and advanced nations of the world at the time, faced a significant crisis. None of the priests of Egypt could interpret Pharaoh's dream - a dream that Pharaoh was sure was significant. Once the dream was interpreted by the Hebrew prisoner, Joseph, the Egyptians knew a severe famine was coming. They had reason to panic. They needed someone to take charge of the nation's economy to prevent the famine from destroying Egypt and the world. Pharaoh appointed this formerly unknown man, Joseph, a Hebrew in a foreign land, an ex-slave, a prisoner. Joseph was not only able to interpret the dream, but he put a system in place that enabled Egypt and the surrounding regions of the world to survive the famine. With the wisdom God gave Joseph, he ensured that the Egyptian "Federal Reserve" had abundant provision for the time of famine.

Joseph was born a dreamer and his father's favorite. Because of the jealousy of his brothers, he was thrown into the pit, sold into slavery, and then sent to prison for a crime he did not commit by a master he served faithfully. God used all these hardships to prepare Joseph and to have him in position to fulfill God's purposes in Egypt.

Where does God have you right now? You may be like Esther in a civil situation that you did not choose, but in a position of potential influence to further the work of the Kingdom of God and protect God's people. You may be like Nehemiah in a political situation that you would not prefer, but in a position with favor whereby you could impact the fate of God's people in America and the world. You could be like Joseph in an economic situation that you did not choose, but have the answers and solutions to assist in this time of crisis. Whatever your circumstances and position, you could be placed there for such a time as this.

And what if you do nothing? Remember what Mordecai told Esther: "For if you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father's house will perish" (Esther 4:14a). God does not place us in positions simply for our own comfort or pleasure, but rather to fulfill a purpose. Whether you are in government, in the workplace, or an entrepreneur, God has placed you in those circumstances for such a time as this. Call to mind all that He allowed you to go through for preparation. Was it all in vain? No! It was all to prepare and equip you. Find ways to use what God has put in you to contribute to His cause and bring solutions and answers for the marketplace problems the world faces today. If you can, and you do not, God will use someone else. And you will face the consequences of non-action.

Instead, take action. You must reject fear, cultivate courage, and pursue God's purposes to see His answers for the current crisis. Reflect upon these scriptures so you may be encouraged to fulfill God's purpose where you are: Jeremiah 1:4-8, Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:18-39.